Contract Testing Facility

All Girtz power modules are thoroughly tested for proper function and durability at our on-campus test facility. In addition to testing our own packaged designs, we offer the service of testing open and packaged gensets for R&D or customer witness purposes. We have a comfortable second floor observation area, equipped with phone, internet, and air conditioning. This space provides an area for customers and engineers to view and control the testing for both our outdoor test pad as well as our indoor test bays.

Our Testing Facility Offers:

  • Two 2 MW resistive load banks capable of series operation for a total load of 4 MW.
  • Each indoor bay has built-in exhaust capability for a 3MW genset.
  • 0.8 Power factor available upon request
  • Utility connection for paralleling with local electrical grid, if desired
  • Test voltages from 15kV down to 110V
  • Accommodations for pneumatic and electric starters
  • Overhead cable drops for connection to generator doghouse
  • Diesel fuel day tank with automated fill from outdoor bulk tanks
  • Remote radiators available upon request
  • Emissions equipment on-hand to measure exhaust temperature, pressure, CO, NO, NO2, O2.
  • Second floor observation office with air conditioning, phone, and high speed internet
  • CAT ET and Cummins IN-Power for data observation and acquisition
  • Natural gas hookup for NG engines

  • Testing 3